Our Mission

We connect Australian startup founders to the people and resources they need to succeed.

Step 1

We connect founders to founders for peer support, advice, and preventative mental health support.

Step 2

We connect founders to coaches, mentors, and investors, as well as grants and funding information.

Step 3

We provide founders curated tools, tips, and resources relevant to your startup journey.

Why Foundwell

What can we do and why now?

Imagine the possibilities when we can support founders so they are: aware of their wellbeing risks; never alone in their startup journey; and resourced to grow their business and create jobs.

This not only makes for a self-sustaining business, but a more resilient and mentally healthier Australia.

With lockdowns, job-keeper ending and social distancing measures, business owners are feeling more isolated than ever. The time is now to connect founders with their peers to share business tips, advice, and encouragement.

Note: 380 founders were surveyed about their startup difficulties which helped build our solution.

Why we're doing this

Running a business is lonely work. Nobody understands what you’re going through: the sleepless nights, the financial worries​, and no one to bounce your ideas with. You feel… isolated.

Eventually your mental health suffers. You start doubting. You stop taking risks. You stop innovating.

When founders suffer, the business suffers, and we as a nation suffer.

Our solution

Is to fill a gap by creating the first subscription-based digital founder community in Australia.

FoundWell is an ecosystem connecting not just founders with founders, but with coaches, mentors, investors, corporates, government, universities, talent, startup and innovation hubs nationally all in one digital hub.

Key Players



“I’d love to bounce ideas off other business owners who understand what I’m going through.”
foundwell startup

Startup Hub

“We’d love to connect with more founders and investors outside our network.”


“We have capital to spend but we need a better way to access more high potential startups.”
foundwell Corporate


“We’d love to work with startups. We love their energy and innovative mindset.”
foundwell Government


“Foundwell can help businesses be more self-sustaining and resilient, and grow through peer support.”

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The Founders

foundwell Nic Bolto

Nic Bolto


Nic has lauched 7x start ups and has held roles in senior government, corporate and not for profit leadership. He realised the need for Foundwell after hundreds of entrepreneurs who felt they had no one to turn to about their business ideas, problems or decisions. This in turn made them less innovative and more risk averse.
foundwell Dr Brock Bastian

Dr Brock Bastian

Chief Wellbeing Officer

Professor, psychologist, researcher, speaker and author, Brock brings a wealth of expertise around how the environment shapes our behaviour. His role is to bring about preventative wellbeing so founders have the resilience and mindset to develop robust, respectful and flourishing workplace cultures.
foundwell joel Ramirez

Joel Ramirez


Award winning entrepreneur, speaker and author of ‘Better Together’, Joel is passionate about social wellbeing and understands first hand how lonely running a business can be. It’s his personal mission to ensure every single founder on the planet have the support they need to succeed.

Startup Isolation Event

Addressing the ‘elephant in the room’

Hosted by the NSW Sydney Startup Hub in partnership with Foundwell and moderated by Alex Scandurra, watch our live-streamed event now and learn more about what startup isolation is, how it impacts your wellbeing and your business, anddiscover how Foundwell is innovating the landscape to address this problem.

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